Next Steps & New Job

Most of the content of this blog has been fairly abstract discussion of issues at the intersection of science, society and philosophy, but I originally intended the blog to also act as a form of public diary, to be read by those who might be interested. There hasn’t been much call to post personal updates, but changes are now afoot. Nearly a year ago, I posted that I was moving to Canada, to explore career options and try out freelance writing while living in an exciting new place. This last year has certainly been an experience; I’ve loved writing, and established for myself what I’d like to do professionally in the years to come. Those who’ve read this blog regularly would not be surprised to read I’m looking to work in policy, particularly relating to science, society, and a more sustainable world. On the other hand, the last year has at times been frustrating, with the feeling of treading water rather than progressing to those goals I’d defined often pervasive. Perhaps I’d not fully appreciated how much more fulfilled I am by full time work than the more sporadic freelance schedule.

Moreover, establishing what to do for a career is one thing, but finding a job is something else. If I’ve learned one important thing this last year, it’s to always start looking for a job before it becomes critical! As such, while it didn’t take me a whole year to figure out where I see myself in future, it certainly has taken time to find the next rung of the ladder. Good things come to those who wait though. I’m delighted to write that as of June I’ll be working at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center as a Visiting Scientist, working to better understand and quantify the risk associated with landslides in real-time. I hope this will be an amazing opportunity to work with both scientists and policy makers on a topic where there are significant real-world implications for disaster mitigation and response. More updates will follow!

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