About / Research Interests

I am interested in a range of questions about processes occurring at or near the surface of the earth. My PhD project was focused on the importance of bedrock landslides in setting chemical weathering budgets, as well as broader impacts of the physical process of landsliding on biogeochemical cycles. This project is summarised in more detail below, and I am happy to provide more details via email.

My prior work as an editor presented plenty of insight into cutting edge questions and techniques in geoscience today. I would be particularly interested in discussing future work centred around the intersection of natural hazards and water in mountain landscapes, as well as societal problems driven by disasters and climate change that can be addressed with novel geochemical techniques, both based in fieldwork and labwork.

I also believe deeply in the importance of effective communication of science, and I am looking to both improve my own communication skills as well as contribute to current efforts in purveying interesting research. For me, science is as much about telling stories as it is data. So much of what we do is fascinating; the challenges we face in the course of field studies, or in particular times when we don’t know the answer; these are very human messages that I feel we as scientists should tell to whoever will listen.

A summary of my doctoral work can be found here:

PhD Project: Chemical Weathering Driven by Bedrock Landslides