2017, May-Present: Freelance Science Writer

2017, Jan-May: Locum Associate Editor, Nature Geoscience

2012-2016: Junior Researcher, GFZ Potsdam – doctoral researcher at the German national earth science institute.


PhD: 2012-2016. Graduated from the University of Potsdam, Germany.
Defended 7th December 2016. Final grade: Summa cum Laude

Thesis title: Chemical Weathering Driven by Bedrock Landslides.

Supervisors: Prof Niels Hovius (GFZ Potsdam) and Prof Albert Galy (CRPG-CNRS Nancy)

Awarded the 2017 Michelson Prize from the University of Potsdam, for best thesis.

MSci: 2011-2012, Geological Sciences, University of Cambridge.
Masters project title: Water isotopes in hydrated Volcanic Glass
Working with Prof. David Hodell

BA: 2008-2011, Natural Sciences Tripos, University of Cambridge.
Grade: 2.i

Academic Publications

  • Emberson, R. Hovius, N., Galy, A., Marc, O. Chemical weathering in active mountain belts controlled by stochastic bedrock landsliding (2016). Nature Geoscience, vol. 9, 42-45, doi:10.1038/ngeo2600
  • Burtin, A., N. Hovius, D. T. Milodowski, Y.-G. Chen, Y.-M. Wu, C.-W. Lin, H. Chen, R. Emberson, and P.-L. Leu (2013), Continuous catchment-scale monitoring of geomorphic processes with a 2-D seismological array, J. Geophys. Res. Earth Surf., 118, doi:10.1002/jgrf.20137.
  • Emberson, R., Hovius, N., Galy, A., & Marc, O. Oxidation of sulphides and rapid weathering in recent landslides (2016). Earth Surface Dynamics. vol. 4, 727-742 doi:10.5194/esurf-4-727-2016
  • Emberson, R. Galy, A., Hovius, N. Combined effect of carbonate and biotite dissolution in landslides biases silicate weathering proxies. Revised submission in consideration at Geochemica Cosmochemica Acta
  • Emberson, R. Galy, A., Hovius, N. Weathering of Reactive Mineral Phases in Landslides Acts as Source of Carbon Dioxide in Mountain Belts. In prep. for Geophysical Research Letters.

Other publications