2020 Aug – Present: Associate Scientist
USRA / GESTAR / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

  • Contributing Scientist for NASA – Rio de Janeiro Government project to develop localized landslide exposure models
  • Co-I NASA SERVIR grant; landslide exposure estimates in the Lower Mekong area
  • Contributing Scientist to World Bank consortium to support landslide hazard and exposure estimates for Morocco.
  • Co-I NASA A.37 Disasters grant; developing and implementing near-real time global landslide exposure and risk assessment products

2018 Jul – Present: Disaster Coordinator, NASA GSFC

  • Leading disaster response activities to support multinational stakeholders with data provision and decision support during disaster events. Led event responses for multiple hurricane and rainfall driven disasters & served as agency point-of-contact.
  • Lead for NASA Disasters – World Food Program partnership to provide WFP with critical information during disaster
  • Contributing author to upcoming 2022 UN Global Assessment Report for Disaster Risk Reduction

2018 Aug – 2020 Sept: NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, (2018 Jun – Aug: Visiting Scientist) USRA / NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

  • Developing global landslide risk assessment tools for disaster response & preparedness.
  • Led project alongside UN agencies to provide products to model real-time landslide risk in Rohingya refugee camps; communication of products to State Dept. & US Gov agency teams.
  • Earth Science Mid/Early Career Working Group Member, to advocate for junior colleagues.

2017 Jan – May: Locum Associate Editor, Nature Geoscience; Springer Nature, London UK

  • Part of a team of editors to publish leading earth science papers.
  • Delivered content within tight deadlines, authored by external scientists & personally.
  • Handled highly selective submissions process, & communicated decisions to authors.
  • Promotion of Nature brand at conferences & exhibitions.

2017-2018: Science Writer & Editor (Freelance)

  • Features published on American Geological Union and European Geological Union websites, as well as in Nature Geoscience.
  • Since September 2017 – volunteer writer for charity Geology for Global Development.
  • Editor for Cactus Communications (Academic editing service for non­native English speakers).

Sept 2012-June 2016: Junior Researcher; GFZ Potsdam, Germany

  • Doctoral researcher at the Helmholtz­-funded German national earth science institute.
  • Led my own successful geological sampling campaigns in remote locations, including: Taiwan (2013, 2 teams of 3, 2015, team of 5 local students and researchers; 12 weeks total) & New Zealand (2014, team of 4, 4 weeks).
  • Mentoring – worked as project mentor for undergraduate and masters students in my research group, 2013-2016.
  • Published 3 first-­author research papers, 6 conference proceedings.
  • Part of an expanding group at the cutting edge of geomorphic research.


PhD: 2012-2016. Graduated from the University of Potsdam, Germany.
Defended 7th December 2016. Final grade: Summa cum Laude

Thesis title: Chemical Weathering Driven by Bedrock Landslides.

Supervisors: Prof Niels Hovius (GFZ Potsdam) and Prof Albert Galy (CRPG-CNRS Nancy)

MSci: 2011-2012, Geological Sciences, University of Cambridge.
Masters project title: Water isotopes in hydrated Volcanic Glass
Working with Prof. David Hodell

BA: 2008-2011, Natural Sciences Tripos, University of Cambridge.
Grade: 2.i

Awards & Grants

  • NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship (2018-2020)
  • 2017 Michelson Prize from the University of Potsdam, for best thesis.
  • 2010 Cambridge Centre for Latin American Studies Chile project fund awardee for Undergraduate mapping project
  • 2010 Cooper Travel fund awardee (St John’s College Cambridge) for Undergraduate mapping project
  • 2006 Arkwright Engineering Scholarship – sponsor Rolls-Royce

Academic Publications

All publications are listed here, with links for download