Move to Canada

This is the first post in a while; a busy month has now settled down somewhat for me. My short-term contract at Nature Geoscience ended, and I have taken the opportunity to move to British Columbia in Canada. The move is a result of a number of reasons, but to some extent it reflects that I am still not settled on a final career goal. While I clarify what I want to end up doing professionally, and the route to take to that point, I felt it would be valuable experience to move to a new place, particularly one that offers such great chances to get out into nature. So, this move is more for personal reasons than professional ones. Some people I respect greatly have told me that to move for reasons other than a job is not always smart, so I’m going to use this time to work on writing and science communication. I’m hoping to find openings to write about different and varied aspects of science, and in particular focusing on why certain topics of research fascinate the scientists who work on them. Whether this foray into communication will be successful is not clear, but while I’m stood at a career-crossroads it seems prudent to explore alternatives and hone a skillset. Updates will follow thick and fast, I hope!

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